MiLi: Powering Mobility

MiLi is a premium brand of mobile power solution products specifically designed to extend the battery life of today’s popular gadgets, ranging from smartphones, tablets, to other mobile devices. MiLi products aim to support the fast-paced lifestyle of today’s driven individuals by providing the perfect portable power solution for hassle-free charging – whenever, wherever.
The MiLi product line delivers convenience and flexibility with a full range of power banks to suit every individual’s requirement, taking into account both gadget and lifestyle. The MiLi range covers the following categories:

  • Universal Power Banks: Designed to be used with a variety of devices; perfect for the multi-gadget user.
  • Apple-specific Power Banks: Fitted specifically with the Apple charging tip; to be used only with Apple devices.
  • Micro-USB Power Banks: Fitted specifically with the micro-USB charging tip; perfect for non-Apple or Android device users.
  • Universal Charging Adapters: These encompass universal travel adapters, car chargers, and USB adapters that are used to recharge portable power banks and mobile devices.

For quality assurance, every product under the MiLi brand is accredited by Apple, thus bearing the globally recognized Apple license seal. This acts as a guarantee that all MiLi products are compatible and safe to use with Apple devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad) and meets the strictest quality standards.